Many site administrators are in it to win it – they love being the point person for all things on their site, from copy to colors to images to coding. They want a hand in everything that goes on the page, and often, they are the ones putting it there on

Sometimes, though, a site administrator admittedly isn’t a savvy writer. Or doesn’t understand design basics. Maybe they don’t know html very well.

There are talented options out there, but a great portfolio doesn’t guarantee stellar client-designer collaboration. Here are some tips for getting the most out of the experience:

  • 1. Have copy! Many Web designers are awesome at their craft, but aren’t prolific writers. Have some building blocks ready for your designer to work with. The type and density of copy will likely influence their approach to design, too.
  • 2. Have a talk! Even if it’s via Skype or phone, talking through the project is an absolute must. This will give the designer an opportunity to ask for details in your specifications. If philosophical questions arise, this is the stage in which to address them.
  • 3. Have a plan! This includes price and timeline. Know what you would like your site to look like – or not look like – so that when the final product is presented, you have something to which you can compare it.
  • Good luck!