For starters, I would like to apologize for my absence in recent months. I have been traveling the country, going through a move, and even had to deal with some health problems. In other words, it has been hectic.

Anyway, I am back now, and better than ever.

So, if you are reading this site you clearly have a desire to learn Web design. However, what if you need to build a simple, functional site in a short period of time? Can it be done?

Well, if you want to build an attractive, fancy site; probably not. Fortunately, if you are concerned more about functionality and content, WordPress can be a really good quick fix.

Most people immediately associate WordPress with blogging, and that is certainly where it came from. Nowadays though, WordPress makes it easy to purchase the actual domain for your blog, turning it into a fully functional Web site.

With thousands (if not more) of free plugins that can add additional features to your basic blog, you can quickly and efficiently develop a strong Web presence. Sure, it will be somewhat limited when compared with all of the capabilities of a Web site built through professional coding, but it will still accomplish many objectives.

I hope you all continue with your passion for Web design and coding, as that is an awesome discipline to become versed in. However, just remember that if you or your friends want to transform a simple blog into a real Web site, WordPress makes it easy.