There is a big difference between designing a website yourself and hiring a professional to do it for you. Profession webs designers have seen the best and worst the Internet has to offer so they know what works in terms of creating a successful design. While animated graphics look cute and often capture people’s attention, they do very little to lend credibility to a site. A business website is supposed to be a virtual representation of the company. You probably wouldn’t use the services of a doctor or dentist who used cartoon letters and humorous animations to promote their site.

A good web design not only includes the first or home page, it also includes all of the successive pages on the site. People want websites that are easy to navigate and understand. While graphics certainly play a big role in advertising they have their proper place within the design. Modern websites also incorporate easy to use applications and links to social networking sites. The best web designs are those that stay one step ahead of what everyone else is doing. A professional web designer is familiar with the tools and cutting edge technology required to create memorable and successful websites.