Designing a website is easier than you think. If you can write simple sentences describing your product or company services, you can design a website. Websites are designed to bring the consumer to you, the business.


Content is perhaps the most important element in website design. Your website should tell the consumer about your product or service and describe in full detail what you can offer them.

Clean Lines

Clean lines lead the consumer to the information at hand without distraction. Keep it simple and make it easy on you the designer, and on your visitors. Organize information in an easy to find format and keep your site user friendly.


Keep your color scheme to a minimum. The fewer colors on your website the easier it is for users to get to the information they desire. Most websites utilize either 3 or 5 different colors repeating this scheme throughout the website.


Contact information should be clear and easy to locate on all website pages. Either a tab at the top of the page or bottom is quite common although some designers keep their tabs in a right or left hand column. Either way is fine.

Design your website with your visitors in mind and your website will be a true success.